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ADIT Deposition Tool


Files and information required to deposit X-ray, NMR, and Electron Microscopy, or other methods structures.

Start New Session

To start a new ADIT session, select the experimental method and the molecular structure type. Then press the BEGIN button.

Continue Previous ADIT Session

To continue a session from an earlier date, Enter your session restart ID and press the CONTINUE SESSION button.

(example: 2012-Jul-xxxxxxxxx.Session.xxxxxx)

If you have started an ADIT-NMR session, you can continue at ADIT-NMR.

After the deposition...

After the deposition, you will receive an email receipt which includes PDB ID and RCSB ID.

wwPDB annotator will send you the letter which includes validation summary, question about your entry, etc. to the contact authors. The authors need email communication with wwPDB annotator in English.

Questions, comments, and suggestions should be sent to PDBj annotation master in English. If your question is about a particular entry, please include the RCSB ID in your message.