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Jan 27, 2015: ADIT closed for new X-ray depositions.

Please use the wwPDB Deposition Tool to submit new crystal structure data.

Any in-progress ADIT X-ray deposition sessions need to be completed before July 19, 2015.

Learn more about the new deposition and annotation system (Tutorials, FAQ etc.) here.
Depositing large structures?
If your structure exceeds the size of the traditional PDB file format limits (>62 chains or >99,999 atoms), please prepare your deposition as a single PDBx/mmCIF file using recent versions of CCP4 (REFMAC > 5.8) or Phenix (> 1.8.2) before submitting your structure with the wwPDB Deposition System.

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開始新的數據登記操作 (Electron Microscopy only)

開始新的數據登記操作之前,請先選擇實驗方法和分子結構類型,然後點擊 “開始”。

繼續前次數據登記操作 (available until July 19, 2015 for X-ray structures only)

請鍵入session restart ID,並點擊繼續前次數據登記操作,即可繼續前次被中斷的ADIT數據登記操作

(example: 2012-Jul-xxxxxxxxx.Session.xxxxxx)



數據登記提交之後,登記人將會收到確認郵件,裏面記述了該數據的PDB ID和RCSB ID。


請以英語提出質疑,意見和建議,並發送至PDBj annotation master。如果針對某個特定數據提出質疑,請注明該數據的RCSB ID。